10-article plan for fighting terrorism in Mideast,World proposed by Iran president

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani presented a ten-article plan for quick fight against terrorism in the region and the world.

Speaking in the first international World Against Extremism and Violence (WAVE) conference in Tehran on Tuesday, Rouhani presented his 10-article plan as follows:

1: Countries which have helped formation of terrorism through organizing it and providing financial aid should explicitly announce their hatred of terrorism and stop direct or indirect funding of the groups. They should also work with victim countries in fighting terrorism in terms of military, intelligence and financial help. Iraq and Syria have undergone unprecedented casualties and human loss, and countries which were behind the damages should bear responsibilities to compensate the loss.

2: International aid is needed for rebuilding houses, religious sites and infrastructures demolished following terrorist attacks and loss imposed due to military operations for confronting the terrorist measures.

3. Terrorist group receives member in the climate of poverty and unemployment. Economic growth of terrorism should be hindered by formation of an international fund to make job opportunities and help grow investment in countries affected by international terrorism.

4: Regional cooperation is needed for reforming general training systems and religious schools to confront extremist, takfiri and violent interpretations from religious and spiritual teachings. The truth of merciful Islam should be presented to the world.

5. All sides serious in fighting the terrorist plot should have the required cooperation including intelligence exchange through regional coordination.

6. It should be noted that national and international media should start serious planning to make the public opinion aware of terrorists’ threats and prevent abuse of jobless people.

7. International cooperation for confronting abuse of terrorists of cyber space and social network is required.

8. Terrorists are not facing many problems in crossing countries. Countries located on terrorists’ transit path should strengthen their political will and the required mechanisms to comply fulfill their responsibilities for return of peace and stability to the region.

9. The international community has so far failed to make reforms in the UN, specially the UN Security Council and use of veto power, which in certain cases is threatening international peace and security, and practically crippled the UN. Failure of the UN Security Council in certain cases threatening international peace and security has emboldened aggressors on the one side and discouraged victims on the other side. It also paves the way for violent measures by the victims. The process of this reforms and cleaning the UN from consecutive cripples should be pursued by a stronger will and argument of the international community.

10. 18 December should be named as the World Day Against Violence and Extremism.






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