10 Turkish nationals arrested by China for supplying fake passports to ethnic Uighurs

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Chinese, Turkish and other international media reported that Shanghai Police arrested 10 Turkish nationals on suspicion of supplying fake passports to ethnic Uighurs. In November 11 people, including nine Xinjiang “terror suspects”, were also detained trying to leave China after paying 60,000 yuan ($9,700) for altered Turkish passports, the state-run Global Times newspaper reported.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei did not give details on the case but told a news conference on Wednesday the report was “extremely accurate”.

“Fighting illegal immigration is a common desire of the international community and is the Chinese government’s consistent position as well as what (the government) advocates. We are willing to cooperate closely with the international community of this issue,” he said.

The paper wrote “terrorism-related audio and video materials were found and some had been bound for Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.”



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