13 Deobandi Seminaries Training Terrorists In Punjab Identified

SHAFAQNA – Security and intelligence officials have identified only thirteen Wahhabis-allied Deobandi fanatic sectarian seminaries that provide training to in Punjab province alone. Independent sources and experts on terrorism-related affairs say almost all pro-takfiri Deobandi seminaries are involved in terrorism directly or indirectly.

Most of the seminaries identified for terrorism are situated in South Punjab, the area that houses the hometown of Malik Ishaq, notorious Deobandi terrorist of the proscribed ASWJ and co-founder of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

A Sunni Muslim owner’s news channel reported that authentic evidence has been obtained that proves the terrorist activities of the Deobandi seminaries.

Reportedly, those responsible for running of these Deobandi seminaries have links with Deobandi Taliban in North Waziristan and will be apprehended after crackdown.

The sources said that Punjab government has registered as many as 12725 seminaries until now and their affairs and accounts are now recorded.

Punjab Home Minister Col. Shuja Khanzada expressed the resolve to take every step possible in order to curb terrorism but nobody believes in Punjab government’s words because of its alliance with proscribed ASWJ.

Source : Shiitenews.org

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