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The Mona Appeal – Ghazza Story

SHAFAQNA – Her name is Ghazza, an 8 year-old Yemeni girl, Ghazza’s life is holding but by a thin thread – her body exhausted by cancer, and a chronic lack of medical care. Like thousands of children Ghazza stands not a chance against Saudi Arabia humanitarian blockade.

If various UN agencies have confirmed over the months that Yemen was indeed running low on food and other basic necessities, all failed to tell the public just what “coping” actually entails in Yemen. We are not talking about low food supplies … we are talking no food supplies.

We are talking no anaesthetic for hospitals, or insulin for diabetics … we are talking no life-saving chemotherapy or dialysis … we are talking agonizing pain and no hope of release.

Over the past 16 months Yemen has been transformed into a grand moratorium. Under Riyadh’s blockade millions are set to die still, robbed of their dignity, their right to be, their right to think, their right to pray in the fashion which fit them best.

Her name is Ghazza and her story is that of Yemen!

Ghazza’s diagnosis is largely unknown since doctors cannot conduct the tests they would need to, to properly care for her … All they know for sure is that she has cancer! All they know for sure is that without help Ghazza will die painfully for Yemen’s medical supplies have run dry.

Ghazza needs not suffer! Ghazza should not have to suffer …

Set aside politics for a second and pause to consider the implications of this war of attrition. Those are the lives which are being destroyed … those are the crimes we have all collectively stood by, by allowing our silence to fuel war’s canons.

The Mona Organization has arranged for Ghazza and her little brother, who suffer from the same condition, to be airlifted to Jordan, and from there India. There the two children will be transferred to a hospital where their medical bill will be covered by Khalsa Aid.

For over a year Khalsa Aid has worked side by side with the Mona Relief Organization, distributing food, medical supplies and other necessities to those communities most in need. Together they distributed over 5 million meals … together they managed to offer hope!

Yemen today needs your help, and your support!

Yemen today needs your generosity! We are only asking for a few pounds/dollars/euros or whatever else you can spare.

Yemen will not have a tomorrow unless we all do our part. Democracy remains an empty word if mercy is left at the door.



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