4th Quran competition of Northern Europe wraps up at Imam Ali center in Sweden

SHAFAQNA – The 4th Quran contest for Northern European countries came to a conclusion on Sunday night.

At a ceremony held at Imam Ali (AS) Islamic Center in Stockholm, Sweden, winners of different categories were announced and awarded.

The members of the competition’s panel of judges were also honored at the event.

The contest was held from August 12 with the participation of representatives from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Quran recitation, Tarteel, memorization, Azan (call to prayers) and Quranic concepts were the categories of the event.

It was aimed at promoting the Quranic culture and teachings, identifying Quranic talents, enhancing unity among the Quranic community in Northern Europe, and serving as a venue for Quran reciters and memorizers to exchange their Quranic experiences.

A Quranic calligraphy exhibition and an educational workshop for the participants were held on the sidelines of the competition at the Imam Ali (AS) Center.

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