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6 million pilgrims attended martyrdom anniversary of Imam Kazim – Iraq

SHAFAQNA – The Secretariat-General of Imam El-Kadhim Shrine held a conference, Thursday 4-12–2018, on the pilgrimage made on the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of Imam El-Kadhim (Peace Be Upon Him).

The conference was attended by Baghdad Military Operations commander, Baghdad Municipality Secretary-General, and a number of officials and security officers.

The Secretary-General of Imam El-Kadhim Shrine Dr. Jamal Ed-Debbagh said Imam El-Kadhim Shirne did everything possible to receive 5.600.000 pilgrims this year.

The Secretary-General of Baghdad Municipality Thikra Ellush said that the plans set for the pilgrimage paid off, adding that Baghdad Municipality utilized more than 220 vehicles and more than 1500 employees to transport pilgrims, confirming that their services will continue after the pilgrimage is finished.

Jeleel Er-Rubai’ey – Baghdad Operations Commander – said that security plans set for the pilgrimage went successfully, and there was no security breach. He added that the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transportation, and the Popular Mobilization Forces took part in succeeding this pilgrimage.

He extended his thankfulness to the pilgrims for their awareness and to the security forces for their performance.

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