90,000 Canadians sign petition to protest for water

SHAFAQNA – Russia Today said in report that ”  A province in Canada is to start charging industries for using its water. The problem is the fee is a paltry US$1.79 per million liters. This has prompted over 90,000 to sign a petition, angry that Canada is giving away its natural resource.”  Report added ” The province of British Columbia on Canada’s Pacific coast is planning to introduce the legislation from January 2016, which will see companies charged US$1.79 (CAD$2.25) per million liters of water used. However, residents are dismayed that potential multi-national companies will pay next to nothing for the right to use the province’s water.”

A group called the ‘Sum of Us,’ which is a movement of consumers, workers and shareholders speaking with one voice to counterbalance the growing power of large corporations, has set up an online petition to get the public to voice their disapproval. They set a goal of 100,000 signatures to put pressure on the British Columbia government and currently over 91,000 have signed.

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