A Lady of Islam, a Lady of the Light: Zaynab bint Ali – EDITORIAL

SHAFAQNA – Tyrants over men the Black Flag Army – this plague which insists on darkening our skies, and claiming religious supremacy over communities of men struck this Sunday at the very heart of Islam, as its militias targeted one of Syria’s holiest of grounds: the shrine of our Lady Zaynab.

A great Lady of Islam, a blessed member of Ahlulbayt, Zaynab bint Ali, was the grand-daughter of the last Prophet of God: Prophet Muhammad, and the only daughter of Lady Fatemah, herself the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad and Islam’s First Iman and Holy Custodian, Imam Ali – a man the prophet held in such esteem and love, he referred to him as a son, a brother in faith, and a leader after his own.

It was her shrine, where her body was laid to rest, which Daesh chose to strike, to better deny and eradicate the love and respect, which for over a thousand years has united a people to the House.

A destroyer of men and faith, radicals today are acting like the tyrants of old, denying, and rejecting the very injunctions Prophet Muhammad made upon his ummah, his community – that they should hold to the Word and its keepers: The House, so that all could be saved and guided away from evil.

But if indeed it is stones which were risen to honour and mark our Lady Zaynab’s resting place, those stones do not hold the Light which was hers, and so there will be no destroying her. If Daesh imagined itself so mighty that its army could lay waste what God has lifted, then in fact they do not understand, or comprehend what Ahlulbayt truly represents.

The recipient of God’s last guidance, the keepers of a holy tradition, Ahlulbayt was, is and forever will be the physical and spiritual manifestation of Islam – in the House’s footsteps, in the prayers they made, and the deeds they accomplished it is God who speaks and enlightens. All of their fortitude, courage, patience, piety and grace were for our sake … they were a light onto men, a blessing still to keep alive the Message which God imparted to His last prophet.

Their hearts were inhabited by a light which cannot be destroyed as its essence is divine … their shrines live not in stones but in the hearts of those for whom the House will forever stand a guidance, and a refuge against the darkness.

And we say: “You may destroy, burn and collapse our shrines and our places of worship, you may rise tyrants over us and call us infidels … But We the followers of the House, the people of Ghadeer – faithful among the faithful for we remember still our oath to the Word and the Word’s appointed custodian, we will hold, and we will endure.

We will withstand to never break for we follow in the footsteps of our Lady Zaynab – for in her, her mother’s grace, for in her, her father’s strength, for in her, her grand-father’s fortitude, for in her, her brothers’ names have lived on and their memories honoured with her tears.

Our Lady Zaynab you may never touch with your swords and your heresy, for her name, and her light are not of this world.

For every stone Daesh will make fall, we will rise a prayer and make the Heavens remember those names which will never die for they are of the House.”


By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna







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