A latest study reveals that annual screening of Hepatitis C is not that beneficial for every age group.

SHAFAQNA – Hepatitis C is a disease connected with the inflammation of liver. It can give birth to chronic liver issues and cancers.  Generally, the disease is transferred through the infectious blood of patients. However, there are several factors that can lead to Hepatitis C such as drugs, heavy use of alcohol, bacterial infections and toxins.

Normally, the symptoms of Hepatitis C appear after a very long time period. Hence, the screening can cause serious damage to patients who never faced any symptoms of the disease.

Numerous health organizations recommend yearly screening of Hepatitis C virus infection. Earlier, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended annual screening of Hepatitis C to approximately 2.7 million.  In 2013, The World Health Organization also suggested the yearly screening of Hepatitis C.

Dr. John loannidis,  the epidemiologist at the Stanford University states that the biggest question is that whether these screening strategies are beneficial or not.  Thus far, researchers have not determined the side effects of these treatments. Therefore, it is useless to perform screening of hepatitis C so aggressively.

The researchers advised that health authorities should begin with random trial screening instead of extensive one. The outcome of the trail screening will reveal the advantages and set backs of the disease.

The study is printed in the British Medical Journal

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