A specialist described the UK as having a “chronic drink problem”

SHAFAQNA – Professor Kevin Fenton, Director of health and well-being at PHE, said: “Current levels of harm caused by alcohol remain unacceptably high, especially within the most deprived communities, who suffer the most from poor health in general…Public Health England will continue to provide leadership and support to local areas to reduce the devastating harm that alcohol can cause to individuals, families and communities.”

Dr Niall Campbell, consultant psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital in Roehampton, south west London, which specialises in alcohol addiction, said he had seen an increasing amount of women needing help with alcohol addiction, including middle-aged women and mothers in their 30s.

He described the figures as “deeply worrying”, adding: “Women are drinking much more than they used to, particularly wine in the evening, and that quantity of drinking is causing significant problems in terms of liver disease and other serious conditions.

“The consequences for their physical health are huge. Women are literally dying for a drink, and it is a national pattern now.”

Excessive alcohol consumption is also leading to more marital breakdown and affects women’s ability to care for children, he added.

Dr Campbell described the UK as having a “chronic drink problem”.

Source: Yahoo News

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