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Absolute acumen: Shikarpur blast and Shiite leadership


Shikarpur witnessed a bloody Friday with 60 martyred and multiple injured. This is not first attack on an Imambargah, Imambargahs have been targeted numerous times in the past also. Imambargah minutes before Friday prayers.Doomsday scenario was witnessed as roof of the two storey mosque caved in burying many injured worshippers under the rubble and limbs of human bodies scattered here and there. The country is in the grip of terrorism and it is understood that fleeing terrorists, who are now being squeezed by the decisive strikes of operation Zarb-e-Azb, are trying to inflict maximum damage to create panic, terror and chaos. Sectariandimension of the terror is nothing new as the enemy has been trying to create a wedge between two major sects of the country and incidents like those happening in Rawalpindi a few weeks back and earlier killing of hundreds of members of the Hazara community in Balochistan were part of the same strategy. However, the attack in Shikarpur has a new dimensionin that it is first such incident in interior Sindh which is known to be land of Sufis, who preached peace, love, affection and brotherhood for centuries, and whose followers are living in complete harmony in the region. This is obviously an attempt to stir violence and cause a split in an otherwise coherent environment and therefore, should be a cause for concern. However, credit goes to members of the Shiite community and their leadership, who have so far, shown complete understanding of the situation and have frustrated designs of the enemy. As Shiite and Sunnis have been living in peace and the two sides know each other fully well, the Shiite leadership has demonstrated maturity despite extreme provocations and violence. Though the incidents like the one in Shikparpur seems to have sectarian angle but Shiite leaders understand that neither Sunnis nor schools, seminaries, mosques, Imambargahs or bazaars are safe and terrorists are hitting every conceivable target.

The state has already launched an all out operation against terrorism and extremism and hopefully the sagacity shown by Shiite leaders and the community would contribute towards total elimination of the terror. Shiite leadership proved its mantle that it could not be devoured by such cowardice attacks. Shiite leadership also gave a strong message that I will not be caught by such conspiracies and would continue to support Army’s efforts against terrorism.


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