Al Aqsa under attack

SHAFAQNA - Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) along with Jewish settlers stormed al-Aqsa Mosque on Sunday. 109 soldiers and settlers raided the holy site in the morning and afternoon hours. 

Q-Press media center revealed that 50 members of Israeli soldiers broke into the Islamic site from the Maghareba gate under tight security measures in the afternoon. They roamed the vicinity of the Mosque including the Dome of the Rock. 

The Israeli military incursion into the Aqsa Mosque was confronted by Palestinian children who were participating in summer activities. The children followed the Israeli forces chanting Allahu Akbar as an expression of refusing the ceaseless Israeli violations.

59 Jewish settlers as well stormed the holy Islamic site in the morning and afternoon. They toured the plazas of the mosque amid Talmudic explanations on the history and landmarks of the alleged Temple of Solomon by Rabbis.

In a similar context, the Israeli forces arrested at noon on Sunday two Palestinian girls from Galilee while going out of the Aqsa Mosque.

Hundreds of Palestinian children were present in the Mosque on Sunday morning  participating in al-Aqsa educational and entertainment summer activities.

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