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Al Azhar head warns against Islamophobia fallout

SHAFAQNA – Addressing a Muslim-Christian conference in Cairo on coexistence, Grand Shaikh of Al Azhar Ahmad Al Tayyeb warned that without such joint action, Christianity and Judaism will suffer too.

“Foes of religion such as atheists and abortionists, and those striving to replace state nations with globalism proclaim that religion is the first thing they want to sweep away as they believe that the solution to the world woes is to eliminate religions,” Al Tayyeb told the conference.

The two-day event is co-organised by Al Azhar, Egypt’s prestigious Islamic seat of learning, and the Muslim Council of Elders based in the UAE.

More than 600 religious, political and cultural figures from over 50 countries are attending the conference entitled “Freedom, Citizenship, Diversity and Integrity”.

“It is painful that religion [Islam] is portrayed as the fuel of these wars and the catastrophic attacks in different areas of the world,” Al Tayyeb, who chairs the Muslim Council of Elders said.

“The mere clearance of religions [from responsibility for violent extremism] is no longer enough in the face of uphill challenges that require eliminating premonitions among leaders of religions,” Al Tayyeb said. “Unless peace is achieved among them, they will not be capable of confronting these challenges.”

Addressing the same event, Coptic Pope Tawadros II argued that spreading tolerant religious value holds the key to curbing violent radicalism.

“Religion is the solution, not part of the problem,” the pontiff said. “Diversity enriches humanity by promoting dialogue that leads to tolerance and coexistence.”

Over the past years, Daesh terrorists have committed massive abuses against minority Christians in Syria and Iraq, forcing an exodus among the survivors.

‘Citizenship is based on religious tolerance that means in its simple terms acceptance of the other and recognition of its rights,” Abu Al Geit concluded.

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