Al-Azhar: Jihad against Da’esh and other terrorists is the duty of all Muslims

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – In a conference organised by the Al-Azhar entitled “Oppressors and Khawarej” ways of combating the terrorist groups were reviewed. In this regard Al-Azhar declared: Terrorist groups such as Da’esh, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Baitul Maqdas do not care about unity because they want to get to the power through tribalism and use the religion as a cover. Al-Azhar pointed to God’s rule which say that those who fight against the Almighty and the Prophet (PBUH) and want to spread corruption on the earth must be punished by death and the ruler of the society should have enough power to punish those who murder people. Al-Azhar stressed, it is the duty of all Muslims to combat terrorist groups and throw them out of the Islamic countries.

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