Al-Khoei Foundation condemns the Paris attack and calls for tackling the root cause of extremism

Shafaqna – In the wake of the terrorist attack on offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, Al-Khoei Foundation condemns the attack and calls for tackling the root cause of extremism.

The statement read: “The Al-Khoei Foundation is shocked and appalled by the terrorist attack that took place in Paris yesterday in the offices of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. The loss of 12 innocent lives and injury of others is a criminal act, which is against all principles of faith. The brutal murder of the journalists and the police officer was a heinous crime that is condemned unreservedly.

Unfortunately, such horrific acts in the name of religion have become a global phenomenon that is affecting the peace and order of all communities, while innocent victims of these acts, from all faiths and backgrounds, are suffering at the hands of extremists. The use of violence in response to feeling offended is completely unacceptable. The Al-Khoei Foundation strongly believes that interfaith dialogue is the best way to increase understanding and foster tolerance within a framework of free speech and respect.

It is now more important than ever that we come together and increase our efforts to tackle the root cause of this violence that has no religious underpinning and has subverted the name of Islam. Exposing the terrorists and countering their misguided ideology is imperative, in order to protect our right to engage in civilised, humane discourse. While at the same time we must show unity and solidarity and ensure that all communities and religious groups support each other and are fairly dealt with in the media. The spontaneous coming together of the Australian public around ‘#Illridewithyou’ gives us hope that around the globe, citizens will not be cowed but will continue to act with humanity, empathy and love – the tenets of Islam as understood by the vast majority of Muslims worldwide.

During these extremely difficult times, we would like to offer our heartfelt condolences and support to the families of the victims. We pray for the souls of the departed individuals and pray for peace in Paris and across the world.”

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