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Al Wefaq deputy warns against Shia genocide

SHAFAQNA – Sheikh Hussein al-Deihi, deputy secretary general of Bahrain’s main opposition movement, al Wefaq, has issued a statement following the dissolution of the movement criticizing the tyrannical rule over Bahrain and insufficiency of the government which has led to chaos and dictatorship over the country.

He said that the recent dissolution of Al Wefaq movement was the revenge by Al Kalifa since it was aware that the Shia movement represented the majority who had achieved 64 per cent of the votes in 2006 and 2010 proving the popularity of Al Wefaq.

Al Wefaq deputy referred to a conflict between tyrannical system in Bahrain and the popular movement which demands democracy, justice and law pushing the system towards violence under different pretexts including prevalence of security and law.

Bahraini cleric said,” We are facing a genocide project in Bahrain and dissolution of Al Wefaq besides invading religious beliefs and religious elites is part of this project.”

He stressed the sentence issued by Bahrain court has reaffirmed the view of international law organizations calling Bahraini court as a dependent chart with an imbalanced scale whose sentences are subjective and quite influenced by rulers. It is in fact a plaything of the system.

Al Deihi noted that the issue of Al Wefaq and all the other political issues in the court are not covered in a just and balanced court and now that formation of political congregations is banned our constitution is faded away.

Sheikh Hassan al Deihi stressed,” National pro-democracy tendencies are still alive among the people and in spite of jails being filled with thousands of revolutionary figures, closure of the greatest political society and all the other crimes committed by the ruling system, the people are still resisting for their demands; hence, all these events do not have any influence on determination of the Bahraini nation rather it has boosted their intention to achieve their rightful demands.

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