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Al Wefaq: international silence motives crackdown in Bahrain

SHAFAQNA – The Bahraini regime has escalated its campaign of suppression against the people who are marking the 4thanniversary of the eruption of the peaceful pro-democracy revolution. The protests marched in many areas across the island, but mainly in the capital Manama.

The protesters chanted slogans for democratic transition and demanded the release of all political prisoners. The protesters were faced with excessive violence by security forces who also carried out arrests and home raids and used fire arms leaving many with injuries. Eye witnesses and pictures revealed militias in civilian wear and vehicles opened fire on the protesters. A footage in Duraz, west of the capital, showed security forces driving into a protest

Al Wefaq National Islamic Society said the regime’s escalated violence will further complicate the crisis between the people and the regime.

The regime’s excessive use of force, today, recalled the atrocious scenes of official violence back in March 2011 after the crack down on the nationwide protests for democracy.

Al Wefaq called on the international community to end its silence towards the appalling human rights violations that are practiced by the Authorities in Bahrain, urging to push for political solutions that meet the aspirations of the Bahraini people. The international silence towards ongoing rights violations in Bahrain has become a motive for the Authorities to continue its crackdown, Al Wefaq added.

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