Alforat News/Iraqi Prime Minister: Jarfol Sakhr operation is the key to cleansing of Iraq from Da’esh

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The Iraqi Prime Minister welcomed the recent military operation against Da’esh terrorist group (ISIS) declared that this is a key to the total cleansing of Iraq from Da’esh. According to Alforat News, Haidar Alebadi issued a statement in which he pointed to the recent successes of Iraqi military in Jarfol Sakhr and declared: Our heros in military with the help of people managed to gain victory in the Jarfol Sakhr and inflict a heavy blow on the Da’esh’s body. In this statement, Alebadi congratulated Iraqis on the recent victories and said that this victory is the key for greater victories and complete cleansing of Iraq.

Source: Alforat News

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