“Ali ibn Abi-Talib (AS)” Mosque Opens in Indonesia


SHAFAQNA – A mosque named “Ali ibn Abi-Talib” (AS) was opened in Indonesia’s Java Island on the weekend.

The mosque will host about 100 worshippers and provide them with copies of the Holy Quran as well as some important Islamic sources which help the Muslims of the region promote their religious knowledge.

It was constructed and equipped by Eid Charity Institute of Qatar in cooperation with Al-Silah charity institute of Indonesia.

Besides the daily congregational prayers, the mosque will host Friday prayers, religious ceremonies and courses on religious sciences and Quran memorization.

The mosque is a link between the people of the island and other religious organizations of Indonesia and encourages the Indonesian people to support religious activities, founders say.

It is hoped to play an important role in dissemination of religious teachings and establishment of Islamic values and principles in the region.


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