Allah’s Confidential Talk To Prophet Moses (A.S)

SHAFAQNA- The following are Allah’s confidential talks to Moses (A.S) the prophet, son of Imran.
1- O’ Moses, do not have a long expectation in this world lest your heart will be hard. The hard-hearted are far away from Me. Deaden your heart with fear (of Allah). Your dress should be worn – out but your heart should be fresh. You should be unknown by the people of this earth but well-known for the inhabitants of the heavens. Cry to me, for the plenty of your sins, like the cry of the runaway from his enemy. Seek my help to do so, for I am surely the best One whose help is sought.
2- O’ Moses, I am above the servants and they are below Me. Everyone is submissive to Me. Make yourself the supervisor on yourself. Do not depend upon even your sons in the affairs of your religion except that your son, like you, loves the virtuous ones.
3- O’ Moses, be clean, wash yourself, and come near to my virtuous servants.
4- O’ Moses, you are my servant and I am your Lord. Do not humiliate the modest poor ones and do not envy the rich ones. Be earnest when you refer to me, and be hopeful when you recite my reference. Let me hear the delight of the Torah when you use a tuneful submissive voice as you recite it. Be tranquil when you refer to Me. Worship Me and do not associate anyone (or anything) with me. I am certainly the Lord. I have created you from an insignificant drop of fluid, from clay that I extracted from a gametic humble land, and it became human being. I am its Creator. Blessed be my face and sacred be my made. There is nothing like me. I am the Everlasting the Eternal Who never comes to an end.
5- O’ Moses, whenever you call on me, you will find me. I will forgive what you have done. The heavens are praising me out of their fear, the angels are fretful of fearing me, the earth is praising me out of desire, and all the creatures are praising me submissively. Adhere to the prayer, for I have a special consideration for it and it has a firm pledge with Me. Add to it the zakat of the offer to me. You should defray it from your best property and food, for I accept nothing but the best when it is intended purely to Me. Insert with it the regard of the relatives. I am the Beneficent the Merciful.
I created the relation of kinship from my mercy so that the servants will compassionate each other according to their relations of kinship. In the world to come, it will have a ruling authority (as it will intercede for those who have regarded it). I will surely disregard him whoever disregards it and regard him whoever regards it. Thus will I do to him who neglects my commandments?
6- O’ Moses, respect the beggars by means of a gentle rejection or a little donating. Those who come to ask from you are neither human beings nor jinn. They are the angels of the Beneficent whose purpose is to examine what you are doing with that on which I have made you custodian and examine how you will console (others) by means of that which I have given to you. Submit to Me by way of invocation and cry to me by wailing during reciting the (Torah) Book. You should understand that my calling to you is as same as the call of the master to his slave, so that you will attain the best of positions. This is a part of my favor to you as well as your past fathers.
7- O’ Moses, do not forget me under any condition and do not be happy for the abundance of your property. To forget me causes hard-heartedness. The abundance of property brings about the plenty of sins. The earth is submissive, the heavens are submissive, and the oceans are submissive (to me). He who disobeys me will surely be unhappy. I am the Beneficent the Merciful. I am the Beneficent in all times. I convey hardship after comfort and comfort after hardship. I bring kings after kings consecutively. All this and my kingdom are everlasting and never-ending. Nothing in the earth or in the heavens can hide from me. How can things hide from me when I am their only Originator? How do you not care totally for me when you will inevitably be returned to me?
8- O’ Moses, this world and its people are seditious matters for each other. Everybody sees what he is in as excellent. As for the believers, they see the world to come as excellent. They look at the world as a source of misfortune. The bliss of the world to come precluded them from enjoying the pleasures of their lives. It caused them to stay up to the last hours of night like the rider who longs for the finish line. They keep on depression and spend their nights with sadness. Bless are those. What great bliss they will see if only the screen is removed for them!
9- O’ Moses, the few that is intended purely for me is very much. The very much that is intended for anyone (or anything) other than me is few. The best of your days should be the coming. Hence, you should regard for the coming day and prepare your answers, for you will surely be stopped for interrogation. The long age in this (worldly) time is certainly short and the short age is long, since everything will come to an end. Act as if you can see the reward of your actions so that this will fill in you with desire for the life to come. The remaining age in this world is as same as that which passed away. Each doer should act sagaciously and experimentally. O son of Imran, think for yourself deeply so that you may win tomorrow when you will be interrogated. Therein, the wrongdoers will suffer defeat.
10- O’ Moses, the single good deed is rewarded tenfold, while perdition comes from the single bad deed. Do not associate others with me. It is illicit for you to associate anything with Me. Be as close as possible then aim at the target. Supplicate to me like the supplication of the desirous for that which is with me and the regretful for what he had committed. Blackness of night is erased by daylight and, in the same manner; the good deeds erase the evildoings. Gloomy of night covers up the light of day and, in the same manner, the evildoings blacken the good deeds.
[Source: Tuhaf al-Uqoul]

Derived from: Shia Search

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