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Allameh Majlesi, a prominent scholar


SHAFAQNA- Allameh Mohammad Baqer Majlesi (1616-1698 AD), was a prominent Iranian Shia cleric during the Safavid reign.

«nown as one of the most influential ulema of all time, he has made great contributions to promote Islamic discipline.
Born in Isfahan in 1616, his father, Mulla Muhammad Taqi Majlesi (1594-1659 AD), was a cleric specializing in Islamic jurisprudence.
By the age of 25, Allameh Majlesi gained certification of from Mulla Sadra to teach. He is said to have completed studies under 21 masters, and reported to have trained over hundreds of students to become masters themselves.
The scholar’s most important field of interest was the ‘hadith’, the second source of inspiration in Shia Islam.
He popularized his teaching by writing numerous works in an easily understandable style in which he summarized the essential doctrines for the common people.
A prolific writer, he wrote more than 100 books, both in Arabic and Persian. He is mainly known for his ‘Oceans of Light’ (Bihar ul Anwar) in 110 volumes, a comprehensive encyclopedia of ahadith, historical subjects and commentaries on many Qur’anic verses which he probably completed between 1106/1694 and 1110/1698.
Allameh Majlesi is buried next to his father in a family mausoleum located beside the Grand Mosque of Isfahan.

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