Alwefaq/ Alaali: political naturalization is a heavy weight on Bahrain’s economy

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)-“The political purpose behind naturalizing foreigners is to change the demographic structure and to destabilize political security in Bahrain”, said Dr. Hasan Alaali, the Secretary-General of the National Gathering Society.

The Bahraini opposition parties have launched a media campaign to highlight the serious consequences of naturalizing tens of thousands of foreigners over the past decade.

Alaali added, “Naturalization is a normal practice in all countries around the world, each according to its circumstances and needs. But what we are seeing in Bahrain is an absolute political objective that will result in serious consequences on political, economic and social life”.

“On the economic level, these naturalized foreigners are overloading the economy on the expense of the citizen’s living-standard, whether in housing, education, jobs, healthcare.

“On the social level, this practice is threatening the social fabric and the Bahraini identity and creating social tensions. This will take the country to an unknown and risky future”.

Alaali called on all Bahrainis to unite to stop the regime’s naturalization plan.

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