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Amazing Story of a Lonely Model-Part 2



Sister Kelly from New Zealand explaining the reasons why she left Christianity to become a Muslim. Part 2

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So I said my Shahada quietly not like a big gathering because I thought I didn’t want a lot of strangers there, for like a big thing in my life.

Not by myself with another person but I didn’t want a lot of people there. My parents did not support me being Muslim, they still don’t really, and my mum puts up with it sometimes. someone goes out of her way to like throws put me down .she tells her like if she sees someone that we used to know that didn’t know I was Muslim she wants to tell them my Muslim to get a reaction out of them to for them to laugh or for them to say something insulting or something.

When I was in my last year of high school actually I had a one more year but I left after that year. I met some new friends I made new friends and that year because I saw that my old friends like going downhill a bit , they’d been partying and not studying and like that and so their life was leading nowhere and I didn’t really want to be a part of it .

So I made new friends and a few of them were Muslim I didn’t know that, I didn’t you know become friends of them because they were Muslim they were just Muslim and guys and girls not just one.

I remember asking one time I was texting my friend and he said “can’t text I’m at mosque.” and I was like, this is magical place you can’t text in and he didn’t like try to convert me in the text .he just said “I’m at mosque, can’t text.”  And I just thought it was like so opposite to what you hear about Muslims on like TV, because I grew up in like New Zealand to Western country. And I automatically had this negative view on Muslims and I was so wrong. I thought they were all bad people, I thought they all hated everyone but they really don’t. I liked how when Muslims talk to you so that it’s like “Salaam brother! Salaam sister!” it’s really nice, I like that, it’s like respect in Islam, and you don’t see that in anything else.

I looked more into it [Islam], I kept looking into it and I had some ups and downs, some days you wake up and you’re like “that’s a dumb culture or dumb religion, yeah I don’t want to do that.” and then other days you wake up and you’re like “why did I think that like?”. It’s just like sometimes it’s too much change you think, this is happening too fast , I want to wear shorts, I want to wear my hair down show off and like but you do change, like I’ve changed, I’ve accepted myself and I like this so much better than what I was before .


I started wearing hijab a year ago. I always found up sort of hard, I still do a bit and how I wake up in the morning, I sort of have to tell myself that I’m a Muslim, I don’t wake up and just know it . I got have to remind myself like if I see myself in the mirror without a hijab on, I don’t automatically think I’m Muslim .if I almost have to wear this to tell myself that I’m Muslim and I don’t know when it’s gonna go away but I hope with that .

[You!] Born Muslims! Do you guys wake up and know that you’re Muslim? Like you can comment below! I actually don’t know. Do you wake up and you just know it? I don’t know. Because I want that I want to wake up and know that I’m Muslim instead of telling myself that I’m Muslim.


My dad hates it ,like every time I see him, I hardly see him now; because it’s just got so hot, he always reminds me that I’m going to hell and he’s always telling me you know that unless I do this way, I’m going to hell .

He is a Christian but he’s an Unchristian. He’s not Baptist he’s not anything like that. He doesn’t go to church. he reads a book that tells him how to read the Bible which I don’t think is a good way because I mean some guy wrote that book on how to read the Bible, like best is that guy’s interpretation and that’s what I like up the Quran because it’s just one way you know Muslims believe  the same thing. they don’t serve interpret it differently well some do but I mean it’s you know you read the Quran and that’s what it is, it is what it is and that’s what I like.


To be continued Insha Allah …

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