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Amnesty International sends appeal

SHAFAQNA – The last twelve months have been a year of harrowing bloodshed. Millions of civilians have been caught up in conflict, with violence by states and armed groups inflicting untold death, injury and suffering.

Amnesty International has just released its Annual Report to shine a light on these atrocities, and others that have beset people across the globe in 2014.

The global response to conflict and abuses has been shameful and ineffective. The United Nations was established 70 years ago to ensure that we would never again see the horrors witnessed in the Second World War. We are now seeing violence on a mass scale and an enormous refugee crisis caused by that violence. There has been a singular failure to find workable solutions to the most pressing needs of our time.

That is why we are calling for a commitment from the UN Security Council’s five permanent members to stop using their veto in situations where mass atrocities are being committed – or are about to be committed – Amnesty International

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