An “act of war” says French President Hollande


SHAFAQNA – French President Francois Hollande warned that Paris’ attacks equated to an “act of war” against France and its people.

While no one will deny that retaliation is indeed necessary, since no nation should ever cower before tyranny and in the face of falsehood, his words will need to remain directed at those who have wielded terror as a weapon of mass destruction and mass unrest.

As long as Western powers will continue to collaborate, stand and negotiate with those powers most radicals and reactionary on account they control immeasurable wealth, terror will spread its dark shadow. The seat of terror remains in Riyadh, denying it is denying the truth.

Wahhabism is a dangerous deviance, a fabrication which is not rooted in Islam but in the fascism of a man, Muhammad ibn al-Wahhab.

Islam was perverted by his disciples; Muslims were sold and taught a lie. Those who have resisted were then called heretics, when really their efforts were to restore truths.

But here is an important lesson Western officials seem to have completely missed. Life is precious! Every life is precious, whether that of a child in Africa, a destitute Yemeni mother in Southern Arabia, a youth in Lebanon or families in Syria whose breaths were stolen by ISIS.

The West today is angry because its people died. But what about those millions of souls Western powers condemned in the Middle East, what of the destruction and poverty Western capitals have dispensed across the globe in the name of capitalism and democracy-building?

Where are the cries of anger and outrage?

Life is precious, unconditionally and absolutely!

Paris attack was a tragedy not because French citizens died, but because life is precious, unconditionally and absolutely!

Let’s not make Paris attack the next punchline of white supremacism and neo-colionalism.

Life is precious, unconditionally and absolutely!

And Islam will forever stand to defend life!



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