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ANALYSIS – There is nothing Islamic about ISIS – terror is an ideological aberration

SHAFAQNA – Although US President Barack Obama made clear in his last address that America and the western world is not at war with Islam, too often have we seen the world Islamic attached to terror for the public to be able to make a clear distinction anymore.

And if Muslims of course can easily recognize the truth and understand that those who call themselves the soldiers of God, are nothing else but crazed fanatics, the world has yet to know such truth.


There is nothing Islamic about ISIS – not its ideology, not its practices and certainly not its actions. Everything its armies have stood for, committed and called for actually sit in complete opposition of Islam.


And if many will continue to be under the misguided impression that Islam is a religion of violence and intolerance it is only because they can not comprehend the inherent message of peace and mercy which lies within the pages of the Quran.


Islam was sent onto Men as a mercy from God, a guidance and a light. What we have done with that message and this light has nothing to do with the purity and holiness of its origins.


Back in September 2014 Muslim clerics published an open letter to Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, self-proclaimed leader of ISIS,  in which they reject ISIS ideology, clearly enouncing its apostasy.


“Who gave you authority over the ummah [Muslim people]?” the letter questions. “Was it your group? If this is the case, then a group of no more than several thousand has appointed itself the ruler of over a billion-and-a-half Muslims. This attitude is based upon a corrupt circular logic that says: ‘Only we are Muslims, and we decide who the caliph is, we have chosen one and so whoever does not accept our caliph is not a Muslim,’” read the letter.



And as legions of fanatics aim to destroy Islam, it is high time for Muslims to stand up for their beliefs and reclaim the gift of knowledge God bestowed upon us. Islam was gifted onto us and we ought to protect it. Just as Imam Ali (AS) and his blessed family laid down their lives to defend God’s truth and His light, it may be we need to do more than bury our heads in the sand.

Terror is a cancer of the mind which needs to be destroyed.

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