Another mass grave is found in Iraq – ethnic cleansing and human tragedy

SHAFAQNA – The bodies of 80 Yazidi Kurds was found in mass grave in western part of the Iraqi northern city of Mosul, official said.

The official to follow Yazidi affairs in Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Hadi Dobani, told NRT that 80 Yazidi bodies, including 33 children and 20 women, were found in Badosh, western Mosul.

He told NRT that the bodies might have been buries by the militants of the Islamic State (IS) during its attack onto the region in August 2014.

Dobani said findings show torture on parts of the body and gun shots in the heads of the victims.

More than 11 mass graves have been found in the region after retaking their control from the militants of the IS.

The radical group committed heinous crimes against people in the region after its control to the militants in August 2014.

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