Ansar Allah says Gen. Ali Mohsen Al Ahmar is back in Aden


SHAFAQNA (Exclusive) – Ansar Allah said that Ge. Ali Mohsen Al Ahmar  – Yemen’s former top military commander and high ranking member of Al Islah party, Yemen’ Sunni radical faction – has returned to Yemen south port-city of Aden from Saudi Arabia.

Gen. Al Ahmar fled Yemen in January after the Houthis, under the leadership of Seyyed Abdel-Malek Al Houthi seized the capital, Sana’a, breaking Al Islah’ siege over the coalition government.

According to sources Gen. Al Ahmar came in a private plane with money and security men from Saudi Arabia.

The general is rumored to have traveled under strict orders of Saudi Arabia in view of launching a large assault against the Houthis.



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