Anti-Shia campaign in Saudi Arabia takes hold in Qatif

SHAFAQNA - On 10 May 2015, the security authorities detained the Shi’a citizen, Mohammad Ali Salman al-faraj, from Awwamiya town in Qatif.

Al-faraj was arrested in the main street, and was exposed to beating on the hands of the security members without any reasons. His family didn’t know his arrest location.

Mohammad al-faraj was the brother of the citizen ‘Salman Ali Salman al-faraj’ who is in the 23-wanted-list issued by Ministry of Interior.

Under Wahhabism, the ruling school of thought in the kingdom, all Shia Muslims are considered apostate and have suffered terrible discrimination by the hands of the authorities.
A reactionary and ascetic interpretation of Islam, Wahhabism happens to be the ideology of such groups as ISIS and Al Qaeda.

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