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Arbaeen 2017 Manchester Walk – 10th Day


SHAFAQNA – The10thDay seeks your help towards our forthcoming Arbaeen Manchester Peace Walk on Saturday 28 October at 1PM.

Today azadari is alive because of the respected ladies of Ahlulbayt (as) and your role is crucial to keep the message of Imam Hussain (as) alive.

Please tell your friends and family members to attend and bring others Muslims or Non-Muslims with them. We are hoping to have 1000+ participants and your cooperation is required to achieve this target.

Attending majalis is important without the shadow of doubt. But it is equally important if not more that we tell others about Imam Hussain (as).

Please announce in your majalis, send text messages, make phone calls and use What’s App groups to advertise and convince others to attend the Walk. Where possible to postpone delay majalis on the day and ensure we succeed as Shia nation.

Ya Ali


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