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Armed Soldiers Attack Islamic Movement in Nigeria Center in Katsina

SHAFAQNA – Heavily armed soldiers in armored vehicles stormed the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Center in Katsina yesterday, 02/03/17 in the middle of the night trying to gain forcible entry, injuring some IMN members who were there.

IMN believes had it been the soldiers were on a peaceful mission trying to perform their duties according to the law and order, they wouldn’t have done what they did, beating those they met with clubs and sticks. Luckily they didn’t fire any shot, but they left several people seriously injured.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria view this as an open provocation, which is uncalled for and unnecessary. Why did they come at midnight without prior notice and any search warrant? Who sent them and what was the mission?

IMN believes this is not an isolated incident since earlier in the week, some armed soldiers invaded another IMN center in Jos, Plateau state, in the same manner, though in broad daylight.

IMN center in Sokoto was also subjected to the same intimidation by armed soldiers a week earlier. What is common to all these places is that the attacks are simply being carried out by the security operatives for no reason . The question what is the motive of the soldiers and on whose authority are they carrying out these infringements on our rights?

It seems those behind these provocative attacks were the same people who planned and executed the Zaria massacre of December 2015 where 1000+ of innocent civilian lives were killed by the Nigerian Army.

IMN hereby calls on the good people of Nigeria and the international community to prevail upon those thirsty of blood of the ‘Shia community ‘ within the Nigerian security services not to attempt any more bloody massacre of innocent souls. They should be reminded of freedom of religion as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution. The world is watching them.

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