Art explosion planned for Jeffersonville in 2015

SHAFAQNA – After just three weeks as Jeffersonville’s new public arts administrator, Dawn Spyker already has a full plan for new city art in the coming year. Spyker presented the preliminary plan at the Jeffersonville City Council meeting Monday night, which included 16 projects separated into five categories.

“Sixteen is ambitious, but I think it’s definitely doable once I show you the direction I want to go,” Spyker told the council.

That direction involves partnering with several public and private entities — such as Greater Clark County Schools, City Pride, neighborhood associations and local businesses — on projects and funding.

The theme for the entire plan is “Momentum,” which many city officials say defines Jeffersonville’s public arts movement in the last couple of years.

“We decided to choose a theme for this year just to tie in the projects and use it kind of as an all-encompassing idea for everything,” Spyker said.

The five categories in the 2015 plan are streetscapes, art in the park, public engagement projects, neighborhoods and school connect.

Streetscapes involves round two of painted utility boxes, decorated cell phone reception boxes and unexpected art installations.

“What would you experience on a streetscape or how would you experience a streetscape, would be if you’re a pedestrian walking or if you’re jogging or if you’re cycling or in your automobile, it would be something that you would see right away,” Spyker said. “It would be things that are very colorful and you can’t help but notice them.”

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