Attack on Charlie Hebdo and Clash of Civilizations


The terrorist attack on the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris on Wednesday has badly shaken France. Two heavily armed attackers, who apparently knew the magazine’s staff would be gathered around a table late on Wednesday morning for a weekly editorial meeting, forced themselves into Charlie Hebdo’s office and shot 10 people dead. Two policemen were also killed. At least 11 other victims were wounded. The gunmen then fled with a third accomplice in a waiting car, and remain at large. In 2006, Charlie Hebdo reprinted controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH) that originally appeared in a Danish newspaper. In 2011, the magazine’s offices were firebombed the day after it published a special ”Sharia Hebdo” issue guest-edited, it said, by Muhammad. The cover of Wednesday’s issue poked fun at the French novelist Michel Houellebecq, whose newest book imagines France as an Islamic state in the year 2022.

Entire world not only condemned the incident but few newspaper like Haaretz also tried to defame Islam by calling on France to launch a war against Islamic terror. Apart from this Western world also raised serious questions on Islamic militancy in the world. Yes this incident was condemnable but if we see the history of Charlie Hebdo it tempted Muslims ire time and again. It tested Muslim world’s nerves time and again. In the name of freedom of speech it made fun of Muslim’s Holy Prophet ( PBUH), but world did not condemn it. Is this the freedom of speech of the West??? While condemning this incident why the world forgot the reasons behind this act, when West talks about freedom of speech why it forgets that religion is the most private matter of every individual, so no one should be allowed or interfere in other’s faith. While playing with fire you cannot rescue yourself from burning.

West should understand that they themselves are fanning Islamic militancy. There are tens of hundreds other news paper agencies including one of the world’s largest news agencies AFP but why it was not attacked. Now it is time for the west to understand that it is clash of civilization and they are instigating this clash.

Fayyaz Ahmed Mughal

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