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Palestinian protests escalated in Nablus against UNRWA cuts

SHAFAQNA – Further protest steps were witnessed on Sunday in Nablus against cuts in the services provided by UNRWA to Palestinian refugees. Palestinian activists and citizens from Nablus’s refugee camps gathered near the Agency’s headquarters in Rafidia neighborhood and decided to close it and prevent the staff from entering it until further notice. Teachers and students […]

God and Mind from the Ancient Greeks to Augustine

SHAFAQNA – The idea of breath as soul is very ancient and can be found in many cultures. In the sixth century B.C., Anaximines declared the first principle of all things to be air or wind, from which all things come and to which they are resolved. “Just as our soul,” he is reported to have […]

Lashkar Jhangvi Appeals for Funds to wipe out Shias from Pakistan

    Hate and violent campaign is continuing against Shia community from Takfiri Deoandi network without any hurdle despite big claims of wiping out menace of terrorism made by Punjab government like federal and other provincial governments in Pakistan. (So called) Tehreek-i-Namos-i-Sahabah wa Lashkar-i-Jhangvi( Movement for Protection of Companions of Prophet PBUH and Army of […]


Mind and the Divine Attributes

SHAFAQNA – The main divine attributes discussed by the early mutakallimīn were Life, Power, and Knowledge. Each of these is related to the issue of whether God has a mind, for each of them, as applied to humans, is associated with soul, will, and intellect, respectively. So the human being is alive when body and soul […]


Does God Have a Mind?

SHAFAQNA – A number of arguments can be given to show that God does not have a mind, in several senses of that term. The most ancient arguments along these lines would be that since God is immovable and since the operations of mind involve motion or temporal changes, God does not have a mind. Of […]


US diplomat quits Rohingya advisory board in protest

SHAFAQNA – Bill Richardson, a US diplomat and long-time friend of Myanmar leader Aung Suu Kyi, has resigned from a panel formed to advise on the Rohingya crisis, where over 700,000 have fled and thousands of others murdered[1] by government forces and Buddhist mobs. The “international” panel was created by Ms Suu Kyi in late 2017, […]


Tragedy lessened negative image of Muslims in Quebec: Poll

SHAFAQNA – Favourable opinions of Muslims increased by 22 points following the Jan. 29, 2017 massacre at the Quebec City mosque that killed six, according to a poll by Léger for the Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) shows. Only 28 per cent of Quebecers viewed Muslims positively in March 2016. But a year later, following the […]


Evidence of protecting Christians’ rights, churches in Islam

SHAFAQNA – Following allegations made by the U.S. Congress regarding violations committed against Coptic Christians in Egypt, Egypt Today provides evidence of Islam’s preservation of Christians’ rights. Recently, Egypt’s Minister of Endowments Mokhtar Gomaa said that the protection of churches is as legitimate as defending mosques, stressing that those who died in the defense of a […]

Interfaith demonstrators form human chain around Muslims in prayer

SHAFAQNA – Faith groups protested on Friday against ongoing efforts by the Trump administration to institute a ban on travel by residents of a number of Muslim-majority countries. The demonstration in New York’s Washington Square Park took place a year after Donald Trump‘s first executive order setting out the ban, which has been blocked by the […]

Pilgrimage sites: Makkah al-Mukarramah

SHAFAQNA – Masjid al-Haraam • The Holy Ka’aba. The House of Allah and the birth place of Imam Ali b. Abi Taalib [a] • Hajar al-Aswad (The Black Stone) • Maqam Ibrahim • Hijr Ismail. This was the location of the house of Prophet Ismael [a]. He and his mother are buried here. He denied […]


Thousand of Uighur Muslims detained in Chinese ‘re-education’ camps

SHAFAQNA – More than 100,000 minority Uighur Muslims are reportedly being indefinitely detained in overcrowded “re-education” camps on China’s western border. The detention centres – reminiscent of Mao-era laogai forced labour camps – are said to be holding around 120,000 Muslims in Kahgar, a prefecture in China’s northwest Xinjiang province. The estimated number of detainees was reportedly given to […]

President Trump concedes he may have overstepped

SHAFAQNA – In a semi-admission of guilt to Piers Morgan during a televised interview., US President Donald Trump conceded his re-tweet of a far-right video may not have been in the best of taste. In an interview with the “Good Morning Britain” program, Trump was pushed by Piers Morgan, the presenter, about his November retweet […]

Hadith and Humour

SHAFAQNA – The Islamic College in London hosted a mildly controversial but very important seminar on ‘Humour in Islam’ this week. The evenings guest speaker,  Yasmin Amin, explored primarily the Ahle Tassanun’s Muslim Hadith literature and its traditions and records of Prophetic humour. Her presentation explored Muslim humour across the ages. It began by looking at […]

Western Psyops Against the Islamic Revolution

SHAFAQNA – Open Discussions in association with the Gulf Cultural Club convened a seminar in London to explore Iran’s domestic and foreign threats and their challenge to hardliners and moderates. The forum was chaired by Shabbir Razavi who said the full house and depth of analysis particularly by guest speaker Shabbir Hassanali made it “one of […]

On the nature of Islamic Law

SHAFAQNA – Islam has ordered some things and refrained from others. The basis of this has some purpose and Islamic laws are not imposed without any reason. For example foods and drinks, the lawful relations and other things, all have some benefit or harm hidden in them. Whether the laws about them are made or […]

UN aid coordinator for war-torn Yemen resigns

SHAFAQNA – The United Nations humanitarian coordinator for Yemen has announced his resignation, two days after the UN envoy for the war-torn country also said he would step down. “This is my last day here in Sana’a,” Jamie McGoldrick told journalists in the Yemeni capital on Wednesday. “I leave Yemen with a great deal of mixed […]

EU distributes aid to Palestianians

SHAFAQNA – The European Union (EU) said, on Wednesday, that it delivered the Palestinian Authority the quarterly payment of a €50-million to support poor and vulnerable Palestinian families in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. According to the press release, the contribution is funded by the European Union, which provided 10 million euros, the Spanish […]


Italy: Muslim trainee lawyer abused over hijab

SHAFAQNA – A Moroccan-born Muslim trainee lawyer said she felt humiliated after a judge ejected her last week from an administrative court in northern Italy for refusing to remove her headscarf. At a hearing in a regional administrative court in Bologna, Asmae Belfakir was asked by Judge Giancarlo Mozzarelli to either remove her headscarf or leave […]

Grand Ayat. Bashir al-Najafi advises women to follow Lady Fatima

SHAFAQNA – Grand Ayatollah Bashir al-Najafi advised Iraqi women to raise their children according to Ahlulbayt’s (as) doctrine and teachings so that they would be able to fight all the corrupt thoughts that are plotting to deviate Muslim youth from their right path of religion.” In a meeting with mothers of Iraqi martyrs from the city […]

The Life of Lady Zaynab

SHAFAQNA – To throw light upon the fragrant memories and to work with perseverance to obtain the details of such memories are the two things that cast good manners, virtues, and acquaintance with the conduct of the past personalities who were characterized by high merits, piety, righteousness, and decency on the souls. Thus, the noble, deep-rooted […]