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Iran boycotts Frankfurt book fair over Rushdie speech

SHAFAQNA – Iran boycotted the forthcoming Frankfurt book fair because organizers have invited Salman Rushdie, one of the most hated figures in the Islamic world, to deliver his speech at the opening press conference. In response to this anti-Islamic act, Iran’s Ministry for Culture and Islamic Guidance released a statement and called on other Muslim […]

North Carolina to open its first Mosque

SHAFAQNA – Catering to the growing number of Muslims, the North Carolina city of Chapel Hill will open its first mosque in the next few weeks, fulfilling a five-year-old dream of the religious minority. “Chapel Hill has been known to welcome different faiths,” the Chapel Hill Islamic Society (CHIS) Secretary, Sohail Khan, siad on Wednesday. “I […]

Iran condemns Saudi Arabia’s targeting of civilians in Yemen

SHAFAQNA – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman slammed a Saudi-led aerial attack on a wedding ceremony in Yemen’s Dhamar province that killed dozens of civilians on Wednesday. “The attacks by foreign military forces on Yemen’s residential areas and civilian targets have slaughtered thousands of the Muslim country’s defenseless people so far, and have had no results for […]

BOOK REVIEW: The Sayings & Wisdom of Imam ‘Ali

SHAFAQNA – Imam `Ali, who was a cousin of the Prophet Muhammad, was the first man to accept Islam, when he was still a young boy, and for the next twenty-three years he was one of the Prophet’s closest companions. Imam `Ali was constantly at the side of the Prophet, learnt from him, and also married […]

BOOK REVIEW: Inner Dimensions of Islamic Worship

SHAFAQNA – In this book readers are led on a powerful and inspiring journey through the inner dimensions of a range of Islamic acts, including prayer, almsgiving, fasting, and pilgrimage.Consisting of a selection of writings by a great figure in Islamic history, Imam al-Ghazali, this book helps readers realize the benefits of the upliftment of their […]

BOOK REVIEW: The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad

SHAFAQNA – The extraordinary life of the man who founded Islam, and the world he inhabited – and remade. Muhammad’s was a life of almost unparalleled historical importance; yet for all the iconic power of his name, the intensely dramatic story of the prophet of Islam is not well known. In The First Muslim, Lesley Hazleton […]

Saudi airstrike kills at least 13 at Yemeni wedding

SHAFAQNA – At least 13 people were killed Thursday after a Saudi coalition airstrike targeted a wedding in the Houthi-controlled town of Sanban, some 60 miles south of Sanaa, AFP reports. Dozens of people were celebrating when the location was hit, according to rebels and local witnesses. “Coalition warplanes launched the attack. The house was completely […]

Egypt under fire over face-veil ban

SHAFAQNA – Seventy-seven niqab-wearing faculty members from across Cairo University are preparing to file a law suit against the university president, a lawyer involved in the case told Aswat Masriya. Ahmed Mahran, the head of the Cairo Center for Political and Legal Studies said the complainants asked him to raise a case against university president Gaber […]


British baking contest crowns Muslim woman!

SHAFAQNA – Britain just welcomed its new star baker – Nadiya Jamir Hussain. The lucky and uber talented baking sensation has already been hailed an “inspiration” to British Muslims, according to Dr Omer El-Hamdoon, president of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) and has “demonstrated the inclusivity of British Muslims in society”. Nadiya has referred […]

Non-Muslims help repair Punjab mosque

SHAFAQNA – The sharp lines drawn between Hindus and Muslims since the lynching of Mohammed Akhlaq in Dadri get blurred in a village near Ludhiana. Everyone in Nathowal village knows that temperatures have reached boiling point over beef eating across the country. But that has not stopped Sikh and Hindu community members from helping Muslims repair […]


American Muslims want to change the political narrative – Interview

SHAFAQNA – From the in-school arrest of 14-year old Ahmed Mohamed to Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson stoking the flames of Islamophobia, American Muslims are a frequent topic of discussion, but we rarely hear their voices. That’s why Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York, teamed up with Dustin Craun of Ummah […]

Canada wants to ban the Islamic veil – narrative of exclusion say activists

SHAFAQNA – As Stephen Harper hardens his anti-niqab (face veil) position on the campaign trail, three Canadian women who wear the face veil say the Conservative leader’s rhetoric risks pitting the country against its Muslim citizens. The Conservatives have long opposed women wearing the face covering at Canadian citizenship ceremonies, but with the federal election […]


US Court defends free speech – this time Muslims benefit!

SHAFAQNA – A US federal judge has overruled a decision taken by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to not run ads promoting a documentary about Muslims comedians. The judge argued the transportation agency had “improperly labeled them political in nature.” Judge Colleen McMahon said the advertisements, created by two Muslim comedians, were not primarily political. The advertisements, originally scheduled […]

Pope Francis to visit Mexico next year

SHAFAQNA – The troubled country is home to second-largest Catholic population The Vatican confirmed that Pope Francis will visit Mexico in 2016, marking his first trip to this heavily Catholic country in throes of unrest over unresolved issues such as violence, crime and corruption. Auxiliary Bishop Eugenio Lira Rugarcia of Puebla, conference secretary-general, told Catholic News […]

LOVE within and without

Courtesy of The Islamic Centre of England for SHAFAQNA – Harun Yahya discusses the uplifting effects of true love and the problems that arise when human beings are devoid of such central emotion. Grief, anger and hatred: All these negativities damage the human body and soul, and even give rise to decay. That is the reason […]


Believing in true heroes

Courtesy of The Islamic Centre of England for SHAFAQNA – There is a lot that can be said of a society by looking at their heroes and role models. We could almost say ‘tell me who your role model is and I’ll tell you who you are?’ To have a role model to look up to can […]

Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini – Prophet Adam and Imam Hussain in Ziyarat Warith

SHAFAQNA – Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini was interviewed for the documentary Ziyarat Warith. This segment showcases the complete interview regarding Imam Hussain’s (as) inheritance of Prophet Adam (as). Ziyarat Warith Documentary brings together various scholars to reflect on how Imam Hussain (as), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (s), inherits the legacy of his forefathers and how this […]


Prophet Ibrahim and Imam Hussain in Ziyarat Warith – By Dr. Shomali

Courtesy of The Islamic Centre of England – Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali was interviewed for the documentary Ziyarat Warith. This segment showcases the complete interview regarding Imam Hussain’s (as) inheritance of Prophet Ibrahim (as). Ziyarat Warith Documentary brings together various scholars to reflect on how Imam Hussain (as), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (s), inherits the […]

The Islamic Centre of England – Editorial

SHAFAQNA – Shafaqna has now partnered with The Islamic Center of England to bring you, our readers, additional content and news coverage. Like us, the Islamic Centre of England believes in cooperation and collaboration based on mutual trust and respect. It is because we are committed to providing a space where ideas and faiths can […]

10-year-old boy becomes youngest Qur’an memorizer in Bosnia

SHAFAQNA – A 10-year-old boy has become the youngest person in Bosnia-Herzegovina to memorize the holy Qur’an by heart, offering a role model for young Muslims worldwide. Abdulrahman Tabakovic, who hails from a town just a few miles outside the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo, officially became the country’s youngest Hafiz after clearing an official exam held […]

Libyan unity govt could be unveiled Wednesday

SHAFAQNA – Bernardino Leon, the UN’s special envoy for Libya, announced late Tuesday that a Libyan unity government could be unveiled on Wednesday following months of negotiations. Speaking to reporters in the Moroccan city of Skhirat, where talks are ongoing between Libya’s rival factions, Leon said that the Tripoli-based General National Congress would recommend names […]

Hungary’s Muslims and Jews see no problem taking in refugees

SHAFAQNA – How will they fit in? What influence will religion have? Refugees entering Hungary by the thousands might want to move on, to Germany or Sweden, but the EU’s quota distribution system will restrict their choice. Hungary will end up granting asylum to some, with all sides needing to adapt. The great majority of the refugees are […]

Americans Protest Israeli Violations on Palestinians

SHAFAQNA – The demonstrators representing many communities, including a number of university campuses, gathered near the Israeli mission to the United Nations in New York City on Tuesday. Waving Palestinian flags and carrying anti-Israel banners, the crowd denounced Tel Aviv’s wave of aggression across the occupied Palestinian territories and expressed support for the Palestinian resistance front. Lina […]