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“The Qur’an, Knowledge,& Science”

SHAFAQNA- The Description of Knowledge in the Qur’an and by the Prophet (P) There are plenty of references to knowledge and the pursuit of knowledge in the Qur’an. The general feeling they leave the reader with is that the possessor of knowledge or wisdom has been given a very powerful gift, and that the pursuit […]

Muslim model Halima Aden becomes an ambassador for UNICEF

SHAFAQNA-She was the first Muslim homecoming queen at St. Cloud’s Apollo High School, the first Somali student senator at St. Cloud State University, and the first hijab-wearing contestant at the Miss Minnesota USA pageant. Now, Halima Aden is an ambassador for ­UNICEF, something she calls her proudest accomplishment yet. The announcement comes on the heels […]

How London’s Muslims stood up to Trump

SHAFAQNA- Thousands of protesters flooded the streets of London to send an unwelcoming message to US President Donald Trump who is on an official visit to the UK. The demonstrations featured a diverse mix of ideologies and political leanings, all united in opposing Trump’s bigotry, which they say stands at odds with British values. While […]


what shape is the earth?

SHAFAQNA- today we can look at a globe and know that the earth is somewhat like a ball, a sphere. the qur’an makes certain statements that led muslim scientists to understand long before their european counterparts that the earth is spherical. when europe was in the dark ages thinking that the earth was flat, muslim […]


Towards a bold discussion on the historicity of the religious text and how to develop the Islamic thought

SHAFAQNA- By Sheikh Youssef Sbeity Translated by: Manal Samhat The Quran constitutes what Allah has revealed to His Messenger, (Al-Mustapha – “The Chosen”) (p.) with the aim of guiding people to the straight path. Such guidance requires talking about the doctrinal, social and legislative matters, knowing that the latter mainly aim at organizing people’s lives, […]


All Muslim footballers who played in the Russia World Cup’s semi-finals

SHAFAQNA- Despite the continual disregard by Islamophobes, millions of Muslims actually make major contributions to Western culture and society. Using the 2018 FIFA World Cup as a case in point, Muslims excelled in their respected fields and smashed those stereotypes. Unsurprisingly, the international football tournament has witnessed Muslim footballers play among the elite at different squads, […]



SHAFAQNA- “There’s no culture of self-improvement without the culture of self-reflection.” – 12 Rules of Revolution quoted by Mohamed Taleb In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling on President Trump’s Muslim Ban, young Muslim leaders from all over the country met for a four day training in Los Angeles, California to start the Muslim […]

Germany to expand consultations with Muslim Community

SHAFAQNA-The newly enlarged German Interior Ministry plans to expand its consultations with the Muslim Community as part of the Annual Islamic Conference format. “We have to be much stronger than before in placing at the centre of our Islamic Conference the diversity of our not-yet-organised fellow Muslim citizens in Germany,’’ the secretary of state at […]

Indonesian researchers to study Muslim life in Germany

SHAFAQNA- Fourteen Indonesians consisting of academics, researchers and journalists left for Germany on Saturday to study Muslim life in Germany in a two-week program sponsored by Goethe Institut, a German state-sponsored cultural institution. The group will explore different places, including universities, and talk with experts and activists, such as those at Bahira Institute, which works to deradicalize certain refugees […]

Shia and its History

SHAFAQNA- To understand the concept of Shia, it is necessary to first know Islam, and then define Shia based on Islam. The basics of Islam start from the belief in Allah (SWT) and the belief in all the prophets up to the last of them (Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP)).  As a Muslim we must act upon […]


Non-Muslims should not judge Islam so quickly.

SHAFAQNA- An Exclusive Interview of a Revert to Islam, Nour, from Germany , by Bentolhoda Mofakhami   Nour was born on 17.07.1999. Her Islamic name is Nour. She lives in Dresden, Germany. Before she accepted Islam, she never had a religion. She grew up in a family without religion. When she was at school, she […]


The Holy Quran and the Parents

SHAFAQNA- :Question What are the recommendations of the Holy Quran with respect to parents? :Answer Respecting parents and showing the proper behavior towards them are issues that are considered very important to Allah (SWT).  As a result, a considerable number of verses in the Holy Quran and narrations from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and his progeny […]

Al-Kafeel Center for Information Technology and Skills Development launches Al-Seraj e-School App

SHAFAQNA- Continuing its series of mobile applications, al-Kafeel Center for IT and Skills Development of al-Abbas Holy Shrine has launched of ‘al-Siraj e-School App’ – an application linking parents and their students’ schools to increase their interaction rates and keep in pace with the development in the educational field, using the modern technology in the […]


Imam Reza (A.S.) Research Center Successes in CERN International Competition, Switzerland

SHAFAQNA- The proposal of teenagers from Imam Reza (A.S.) Research Center was accepted by the CERN International Competition in Switzerland as one of the thirty selected teams participating in the competition. According to Astan News, director of the Razavi Cultural Foundation considered the presence of the research team of Imam Reza (A.S.) Research Center in […]


Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (a. s.) and Abu Shakir

SHAFAQNA- Jafar as-Sadiq (A. S.) was one of the most patient and tolerant teachers of his time. He used to give lectures on Islamic theology every day. After his lectures, he would listen and reply to the objections of his students and critics. He had asked his students and critics, who attended his lectures, not […]

Hijabi Monologues’ at University of Texas

SHAFAQNA-According to rahyafte:  She said she has crushes and gets stressed about class, but is often reduced to the scarf she wears, not the woman she is — an issue the upcoming play “Hijabi Monologues” addresses. “Hijabi Monologues” will be performed on the University of Texas campus for the first time on March 28. The […]