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How to deal with Minor Burns at Home?

SHAFAQNA- The skin plays an essential role in maintaining the temperature of the body. Therefore any damage to the skin can affect that balance. The skin also protects the body from germs in the environment. The skin is composed of three layers; the epidermis which is the outer layer, the dermis in which you find the […]

How to Soothe an Itchy Throat?

SHAFAQNA- A scratchy throat rivals the common cold, when it comes to prevalence. It is an extremely commonplace disease, but can be aggravating as it results in difficulty in swallowing, and fever in many cases. This article will help you get rid of a scratchy throat with simple and effective remedies. Scratchy itchy throat is generally […]

Can Hariri coexist with a strong Christian president in Lebanon?

SHAFAQNA- In potentially the most abrupt U-turn in Lebanese politics since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in February 2006 between Hizbullah’s Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and the Free Patriotic Movement’s former-PM General Michel Aoun, Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea stunned his March 14 allies by endorsing Aoun’s nomination for the Lebanese Presidency on 20 January […]

Halal Food for Muslim Travelers in Japan

SHAFAQNA- Using produce grown by local farmers, the meals will be prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary laws to ensure Muslims don’t have to worry about their food while on vacation in Japan. There are currently few restaurants in Japan that cater to the dietary restrictions of Muslims, which includes a ban on eating pork […]

Number of Muslims Exceeds 3 Million in UK for the First Time

SHAFAQNA- The number has doubled in just over a decade as a result of soaring immigration and high birth rates. In some parts of London, almost half the population are now Muslims, according to analysis from the Office for National Statistics. And if current trends continue, the areas could become majority Islamic within ten years. Half […]

As a Shia Muslim we know that …..

SHAFAQNA- As a Shia Muslim we know that: — The most complete gift of God is a life based on knowledge. –The innumerable fools have made the learned very scarce. –The learned man understands the ignorant for he was once ignorant for he was once ignorant himself. –The ignorant man does not understand the learned […]

The Life of Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (PBUH)

SHAFAQNA- Introduction Imam Ali bin Mousa al-Reza (PBUH), the eighth Imam of Shiites , is of the progeny of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP)and his eighth successor. At age 35 he became the leader of the Islamic union. His life was contemporary to the Abbasid reign and therefore, he suffered great difficulties made by the Abbasids. Finally, he […]

The Holy Quran, the Eternal Miracle

SHAFAQNA- Has the time of miracles ended?Will we no longer witness any miracles? Considering the fact that the miracles of the previous prophets were specifically designed for a certain time and place, must we then for the sake of our own faith refer back to the historical accounts on miracles to become a believer? In quest […]

Best Natural Cures for Back Acne

SHAFAQNA- Almost everyone knows that familiar, loathsome feeling of looking in the mirror one morning and finding a giant pimple on your face. But what if you awoke to find blemishes covering your chest, back and arms? Actually, body acne is more common than you may think — it’s just seldom talked about. But even if […]

What is high cholesterol?

SHAFAQNA- What is high cholesterol? High cholesterol is a well-known risk factor for heart disease. Cholesterol itself is a waxy, fat-like substance that is primarily made by the liver, although some comes from the diet. It is an essential component of cell membranes and is used by the body to produce hormones and vitamin D. Cholesterol […]

A Successful Union

SHAFAQNA- It goes without saying that the marriage of Imam Ali (as) and Sayyida Fatima (as) was a perfect union from the time of its inception until their fateful deaths. The beauty of their marriage lies not only on the pious status of the elevated and immaculate individuals but in the success they achieved regardless of […]

The Case for God’s Existence

SHAFAQNA- A common critique of theists is their inability to prove God’s existence rationally and scientifically. It is often claimed that the case for God’s existence is merely an emotional one, with no basis in intellect. Through rational objective reasoning, I have aimed to prove the existence of a higher power, as outlined in this article. […]