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SABA Islamic center in USA

SHAFAQNA- Shia Association of Bay Area (SABA) is one of the most active Shia Islamic centers in North America. Let’s learn more about the history and current activities of this center. Background In the 1970’s, organized Shia Religious activities were almost non-existent in the Bay Area. Even though quite a few Shia families resided here […]

A Unique Leader in the History of Mankind

SHAFAQNA-Professor – Khorramabad University. The history of mankind has witnessed many leaders over the ages. Many of these leaders achieved leadership through might or inheritance and some were chosen as leaders because of certain outstanding qualities that they possessed. Among the latter group there have also emerged some leaders whose works and contribution to humanity […]


Spanish translation of Quran was received by Islamic centers in Latin America

SHAFAQNA- Turkey’s Religious Waqf (endowment) Institute provided the books as part of a plan titled “Quran, My Gift”. Mosques and Islamic centers in Colombia, Guatemala, and El Salvador have so far received the translations. The institute plans to donate more copies of the translation to Islamic centers in several other countries in the region, including […]


Imam Ali (A.S.) and the Holy Quran

SHAFAQNA-We have seen so far traditions from the Sunni sources related to Imam Ali (a.s.), which prove the superiority of Ali (a.s.) over all other companions of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.). Now after proving this fact (superiority of Ali (a.s.)) from the traditions of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.), we now take a look at the Holy […]


Why is Laylatul Qadr interpreted to hazrat Fatima?

SHAFAQNA- There are some hadiths which interpreted Laylatul Qadr to hazrat Fatima like the following. Why is it interpreted to hazrat Fatima? قال الصادق (علیه السلام):’’ انا انزلناه في لـيلة القـدر’’، الليلة فاطـمه و القـدر الله فمن عرف فاطمه حق معرفتها فقد ادرک ليلة القدر و أنما سميت فاطمه لأن الخلق فطموا عن معرفتها…. بحار الانوار […]


Suratul Qadr, (The Night of) Ordainment or Power

SHAFAQNA- In the Name of Allah, the All-Beneficent, the All-Merciful Contents of Suratul Qadr As it is understood from the name, this chapter refers to the revelation of the Noble Qur’an on the Night of Ordainment (al-Qadr) and then it describes the importance of the night and the blessings within it. Was this chapter revealed […]


Laylatul Qadr, the Night of Power

SHAFAQNA- The month of Ramadhan has been singled out for special worship (`Ibadat) and exclusive favours. It is a month unlike other months. One reason for this, as defined by the Qur’an, is because the Holy Qur’an was revealed in this month. Says Allah in Sura al­Baqarah: The month of Ramadhan, that in which the […]

Israel detains Palestinians for waking up Muslims for Ramadan meal

SHAFAQNA- Israeli forces have arrested six Palestinians in the occupied Jerusalem al-Quds for performing a generations-old Ramadan tradition. The performers, known as ‘Musaharati’, who march through the streets to call on Muslims to wake up and eat the pre-dawn meal during the holy month of Ramadan, were arrested in the Old City, Ha’aretz reported. “There are […]

Ramadan: The Month of Dawah

SHAFAQNA- Why dawah in Ramadan? Ramadan is the month of the Qur’an. The Qur’an was revealed in this month as guidance for humanity, “The month of Ramadan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur’an, a guidance for the humanity” (Qur’an 2.185). The Qur’an, Ramadan and Dawah go together. This guidance of the Qur’an is not […]


he Night of Predestination (Laylatul Qadr)

SHAFAQNA- On the Night of Power pray to God with all your heart and He will definitely answer all your prayers. The Qur’an says :  “Surely We revealed it (the Holy Qur’an) on the grand night. And what will make you comprehend what the grand night. The grand night is better than a thousand months. […]

German Muslims Accuse Bavaria of Double Standards

SHAFAQNA- There is no ban on Muslim women wearing a headscarf in Germany, though some states have restrictions on headscarves and other Muslim religious clothing in courtrooms and schools. Markus Soeder, Bavaria’s premier of the arch-conservative Christian Social Union (CSU) party, introduced the decree on crucifixes in April, drawing a furious reaction from opposition politicians […]


Traditions on al-Mahdi a.s

SHAFAQNA- Out of the controversial narrations we can refer to the various traditions cited in the books widely known among the Sunnis, dealing with al-Mahdi the Awaited, stating that he will reappear at the end of time to fill the world with justice as it was filled with oppression. Ahl al-Sunnah take him to be […]

City of Qom Hosts Inaugural Islamic Values Education Conference

SHAFAQNA-As Ramadan embraced us in its spiritual embrace, the Holy City of Qum ushered away delegates from a unique Moral Character Conference organized by Imam Khomeini (RA) International University, Islamic College (London), and the Institute for Ethics and Education (Qum). Also supporting the event were the Institute for Ethics and Education (Qum),  Muslim Schools Education […]


The Mihna, the Inquisition and Religious Persecution Today

SHAFAQNA- With Muslims in the West  being subjected to scrutiny under polices such as Prevent and other counter terrorism initiatives the parallels to previous historical  persecutions and inquisitions of religious communities are frighteningly similar in many respects. The Mihna. The name of the Inquisition of Muslim Caliphs. Shaykh Bahmanpour provides clarity on how it was […]


Al-Hassan Al-Mujtaba (A.S.)

SHAFAQNA-Birth and Childhood In the mid of the month of Ramadan, the 3rd year of Hijrah, a son was born in the small mud house of Hazrat Ali (A.S.). The Prophet (P.B.U.H), on behalf of Almighty God, named him Hassan (A.S.). Imam Hassan (A.S.) was brought up in the lap of his father Ali (A.S.) […]


The Life of Imam Hassan AlMujtaba (A.S.)

SHAFAQNA-On the 15th day of the Holy month of Ramazan, 3rd A.H, the first son of Ali (A.S) and Hazrat Zahra (A.S) was born. kafi: vol=1; pg.461 The Kunyat of Imam Hasan (A.S) was Abu Mohammad. Al – Irshad : vol = 2; pg 5 His laqab (title) has been narrated as Sayyed, Sebt, Hujjat,Taqi, […]


Words of Wisdom of Imam al-Hassan AlMujtaba (A.S.)

SHAFAQNA- Imam Al-Hasan (peace be upon him) said: O people, he who advises for God’s sake and betakes His sayings as guidance will surely be led to the most upright way and God will grant him success to the right guidance and will direct him to the best. The disciple of God is certainly secured and preserved while […]

Over 1,000 Saudi Forces Killed in War on Yemen: Reports

SHAFAQNA- This is a rare admission of the Saudi military casualties. The kingdom has a policy of withholding information on the casualties it has suffered during the war. Meanwhile, figures released by the Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights suggested that over 600,000 people have been killed or injured in the Saudi-led campaign, which is meant […]


Isma’ilism and Its Branches

SHAFAQNA- Imam Ja ‘far al-Sadiq had a son named Ismail who was the oldest of his children. Isma’il died during the lifetime of his father who summoned witnesses to his death, including the governor of Medina. 1 Concerning this question, some believed that Ismail did not die but went into occultation, that he would appear again and […]

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Most popular vitamin and mineral supplements provide no health benefit

SHAFAQNA- The most commonly consumed vitamin and mineral supplements provide no consistent health benefit or harm, suggested a new study led by researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital and the University of Toronto. Published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the systematic review of existing data and single randomized control trials published in […]

Muslim students help design travel itineraries in Taipei

SHAFAQNA-Taipei, May 29 (CNA) A Muslim student association at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology is working with Taipei’s tourism authority to come up with Muslim-friendly travel itineraries in the capital city, the first partnership of its kind, to better tailor to the travel needs of Muslims. Novi Irmania, an Indonesian student and […]


Over 30 Questions Answered by Imam Hassan (A.S.)

SHAFAQNA- The following sayings, maxims, and words of wisdom are related to the pious grandson of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) Abu Muhammed Al-Hassan bin Ali (peace be upon them). The following are his answers about questions that were put by his father Amirul Muminin Imam Ali (A.S.) –or others- regarding various subjects. […]