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The first order : Recite

SHAFAQNA- Muhammad (S), though endeared and respected by Makkans for his wisdom and virtues, preferred solitude and kept his distance from the polytheist society. Disgusted with the corruption all around, he used to retire to the Cave of Hira, in a mountain a few kilometers from Makkah, meditating Allah’s Majesty and worshipping Him. Initially he […]


SHAFAQNA- 1. Can you please introduce yourself and give your general background?   For  those  who  read  and  understand  their  life  with  faith  it  is  natural  to  discover  the plan of God for their life. For everyone there is a moment to answer some fundamental questions: why do I live? What do I want to […]

Quran Competition Held in Kenya

SHAFAQNA- According to the Iranian Cultural Center in Kenya, the Grand Mosque of the capital city hosted the Quranic event from the beginning of the holy month. A total of 67 girls and 109 boys from 27 elementary schools competed on memorization and recitation of 5, 10, 15 and 30 Juzes (parts) of the Quran. […]

The Batinis

SHAFAQNA- In the year 278/891, a few years before the appearance of Ubaydullah al-Mandi in North Africa, there appeared in Küfah an unknown person from Khuzestan (in southern Persia) who never revealed his name and identity. He would fast during the day and worship at night and made a living from his own labor. In […]


Laylatul Qadr ~ The Night of Power

SHAFAQNA-  Good actions in it (Laylatul Qadr), like prayer and charity and (other) types of goodness, are better than deeds of a thousands months in which there is no Laylatul Qadr.  If Allah would not multiply the rewards of believers like this, they would not be able to reach (salvation), but Allah multiplies for them […]


Khadijah, Daughter of Khuwaylid, Wife of Prophet Muhammad

SHAFAQNA- AUTHORS(S): Yasin T. Al-Jibouri If you wish to research the life of this great lady, and if you do not have al-Majlisi’s 111-volume encyclopedia titled Bihar al-Anwar, the best references are: al-Sayyuti’s Tarikh al Khulafa, Abul-Faraj al- Isfahni’s Aghani, Ibn Hisham’s Seera, Muhammadibn Ishaq’s Seerat Rasool-Allah, and Tarikh al-Rusul wal Muluk by Abu Ja`far Muhammadibn Jarir al-Tabari (839-923 A.D.). Of all […]

Muslim community hosts open iftar for British public

SHAFAQNA- By Muhammad Mussa LONDON  The Ramadan Tent Project (RTP) held its annual Open Iftar event Wednesday which offered members of the British public a free warm meal as well as a chance to converse with Muslims and non-Muslims from all walks of life. The project’s founder, Omar Salha, kicked off the event by thanking […]

Mayor Bottoms to host Ramadan dinner for Atlanta Muslim community

SHAFAQNA-Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottom will be hosting a Ramadan dinner, or ‘iftar’, to celebrate the city’s Muslim community on May 29. The dinner will be held in collaboration with the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta. Muslims fast during the holy month of Ramadan from sunrise to sunset, going without any food or water during their […]

Citizenship of 732 Bahrainis Revoked Since 2012

SHAFAQNA- he Campaign for Peace and Democracy (CPD) said as many as 732 Bahrainis have been stripped of their nationality over the past 6 years. According to Al-Laulau website, the New York-based CPD said the first ruling that revoked a Bahraini’s citizenship was issued by a court in the Persian Gulf island country in November […]

London Mosque Becomes the UK’s First to Accept Cryptocurrency

SHAFAQNA- The move would make the Hackney mosque in East London the first in the UK to take payments in digital currency. The chairman of the Shacklewell Lane Mosque told the UK’s news publications about the move to accept both Bitcoin and Ether for donations. According to 51-year-old Erkin Guney, these contributions would be spent […]

American Analyst of Russia Today (RT): Zionist Media Show Palestinians as Usurpers

SHAFAQNA-“Zionist media describes the Palestinians as if they are invaders and they seized Zionist-owned Jewish lands,” an American analyst of Russia Today said. According to the news staff of the 6th International Conference of New Horizon, Michael Jones in the serial meetings entitled “Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital of Palestine” “held by the efforts of Razavi […]



SHAFAQNA- The month of Holy Ramadhan is known as Shahrullah meaning “the month of Allah”. It is indeed the month of Barakah (Blessings), Rahmah (Mercy) and Maghfirah (Forgiveness). It is reported that at the advent of this great month, the Holy Prophet (saww) delivered a sermon to his followers in which he said: Â “O […]

The Nizaris, Musta’lis, Druzes and Muqanna’ah

SHAFAQNA- The Nizaris. Ubaydullah al-Mahdi, who rose in North Africa in 292/904 and as an Ismaili declared his Imamate and established Fatimid rule, is the founder of the dynasty whose descendants made Cairo the center of their caliphate. For seven generations, this sultanate and Isma’ili Imamate continued without any divisions. At the death of the […]



SHAFAQNA- “In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Verily We sent it (the Quran) down in the night of Qadr (power). What shall make you know what the night of predestination is? The night of Qadr is better than a thousand months. The angels and the (holy) spirit descend therein by the permission […]


Summary of the History of Twelve-Imam Shi’ism

SHAFAQNA- The majority of Shi’ites are Twelvers. They were originally the same group of friends and supporters of ‘Ali who, after the death of the Prophet, in order to defend the right of the Household of the Prophet in the question of the caliphate and religious authority, began to criticize and protest against prevalent views […]

Erdogan arrives for election rally in Bosnia

SHAFAQNA- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Bosnia on Sunday to hold his only election rally outside Turkey, while other EU countries have banned such events ahead of Ankara’s presidential and parliamentary elections next month. The capital Sarajevo was chosen for the event after countries such as Germany, Austria and the Netherlands barred Turkish […]



SHAFAQNA- Once again the holy month of Ramadhan is approaching and God willing, we will once again be fortunate to witness and experience this great month, which the Holy Prophet (saww) has called it ‘Shahrullah’ meaning ‘the month of Allah’.  In this holy month, we all become the guests of Allah (SWT). In the […]

Nahj ul Balagha; Letter to Ziyad ibn Abih

SHAFAQNA-Ziyad was the son of a slave named Ubayd, his mother was Sumaiyya, a slave-girl of Haarith bin Kalda, a woman of flexible virtues and very elastic conscience. But Ziyad grew up to be an intelligent man and a very good orator. Everybody knew that Ziyad was born out of wedlock. Umar during his caliphate, […]