How to avoid Satan’s provocations according to the holy Quran?

SHAFAQNA – Ayah 200 of Surah Al-A’araaf says: “Whenever you are provoked/distracted by Satan, seek refuge in Allah (SWT), as God is all-hearing and all-knowing.” Therefore, whenever a believer is threatened by Satan’s provocations, he/she must react quickly/immediately and seek refuge in God. Also Ayah 201 of Surah Al-A’araaf says: “Whenever the pious ones are touched/affected by satanic thoughts, they remember Allah (SWT), and they are granted insight.” So, whenever a pious believer is attacked by satanic/evil thoughts, he/she must react quickly and remember God’s blessings, favours, and mercy, as well as Divine Torments; and by doing so, he/she is granted insight by Allah (SWT).

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