AWD/ISIS applies sexual temptations to recruit foreign mercenaries into Jihad

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

Sex is the most primitive assertion of one’s significance; it’s a means to perpetuate one’s name – and genes – into the future. Islamic State strategically uses it as a reward for aggression.

Dr. Hubert Anderson, a physiology professor at the Maryland state University, believes that the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria uses frenetic rhetoric of Jihad and martyrdom to attract gullible young men and also presenting ‘sexual Jihad’ as an effective way to attract depraved and sinful people.

It’s almost impossible to fight with ISIS’ diabolical ideology through military means, but rather we ought to understand the ideology which has been adopted by ISIS to lure Arab youths, added Dr. Anderson.

He further noted that hardline organizations attempt to fuel sectarian conflicts by dictating to their naïve fighters that they are in a holy war with infidels, pagans and non-believers and they were quite successful to cement this idea in their minds that God will grant them a palace in heaven abounded with ever-lasting virgin brides and delicious foods.

Peter McCartney, an outstanding CIA counterterrorism expert believes that Islamist radical groups are adamant to tell their disciples that they are very unique and special and therefore God won’t punish them for venial sins such as sexual pleasures.

The militant group has set up marriage centers where women register to be wed to its fighters. Captured Iraqi women and girls are forced into sex slavery, living in brothels run by female jihadists.

Rape of non-believers is considered legitimate, while fatwas proclaiming a “sexual jihad” encourage brutality against females. Lastly, martyrdom is associated with sexual bliss in paradise.

Understanding the magnetic appeal of Islamic State’s extremism is a prerequisite to developing a suitable, psychologically sensitive counter narrative. For example, an appeal to moderation and a life of patient struggle seems ill-suited to win over the hearts and minds of jihadists.

Instead, the glamor of jihad must be countered by an alternative glamor; the charisma of martyrdom pitted against a different kind of charisma, the appeal to primitive drives redirected, jiu jitsu style, against the brutality of the enemy, turning the psychological tables on Islamic State as it were.

For example, young men vulnerable to the appeal of extremist ideology might be persuaded to fight the desecration of their religion and promised a place in history by defeating the satanic evil that soils their faith. Social media may need to be turned abuzz with the glory of standing up to evil, encouraging the bravery needed to undertake personal risks for “breaking bad.”

This message should not be presented in faint pastels but in bright, bold colors. Measured arguments against Islamic State wouldn’t do the job. Countering it requires fiery, impassioned appeals

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