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Ayat. Javadi Amoli explained: How to fully benefit from Fatimiyah days?

SHAFAQNA – In his Quranic interpretation course held in Qom’s Grand Mosque, Ayatollah Javadi Amoli expressed condolences on martyrdom anniversary of Lady Fatemah (sa) and made some remarks on the best ways one can fully benefit from Fatimiyah days.

Senior Shia cleric emphasized the significance of Syeda Fatemah’s Fadak sermon and asserted, “No one can claim to completely understand this sermon without help of a teacher. Therefore this sermon needs to be made into an educational course.”

The revered source of emulation advised Lady Fatemah mourners to not confine Ahlulbayt (as) mourning ceremonies to just shedding tears, as understanding has no less divine reward than crying.

Ayatollah Javadi Amoli explained, “There are two different ways to benefit from Fatimiyah days: one may study and learn Lady Fatemah’s Fadak sermon and understand it and then cry, the other one may only cry, without any understanding. There’s a great difference between these two ways. So if we can do it in the better, more rewarding way, why limit ourselves to just crying?”

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