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Ayat. Modarresi receives Al-Azhar Scholars; “Quranic teachings will soon prevail over the world”



A group of scholars and academics from Egypt’s Al-Azhar University met with senior cleric Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Taqi Modarresi in his office in the city of Karbala, Iraq on Sunday, February 4.

During the meeting, Ayatollah Modarresi emphasized that Islam welcomes all people around the world; we, as Muslims, need to focus on common beliefs among different tribes and Islamic sects including faith in Allah almighty, Prophet Muhammad (sawa), holy Quran as well as Muslim prayers and our common Kiblah.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the senior cleric appreciated Egyptians’ deep respect for Prophet Muhammad, his Ahlul Bayt (as) and their recourse to holy Quran (as) saying, “The world is in need of Quranic teachings and soon the holy Quran will prevail over the whole world.”

The Shia scholar further thanked Egyptians for their role in initiating two revolutions in the Arab and Islamic community; Al-Azhar University serves as a wing for developing the Egyptian nation, the other wing being the Egyptian military.”

In the end, the Egyptian scholars hailed Shia sources of emulation for their key position in unifying the Islamic community and preserving Muslims in the face of foreign threats.

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