Ayatollah Ali Sistani foiled nefarious designs of evil powers – Shafaqna Exclusive discussion with Allama Dr. Ghulam Hussain Adeel

SHAFAQNA – This Ramadan 2016, Shafaqna had the privilege of interviewing Hujatul Islam wa Muslimeen Dr Ghulam Hussain Adeel, a prominent and renowned religious scholar of the Shiite school of thought.

Taught in Qom where he received his early education, Dr Adeel then moved to the UK where he obtained his PhD.

For the past two decades Dr Adeel, the chairman and founder of Hidayat TV has worked to disseminate Shia Islam, and taught others about AhlulBayt pure Islamic tradition.

Shafaqna Urdu conducted an exclusive interview with him on the multi-faceted personality of Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani.

Following is an excerpt of the interview:

Allama Ghulam Hussain Adeel: Hazrat Ayatollah Ali Sistani the great Marja of this era. At this epoch of Islamic history we find only two such great personalities with a rare wisdom and insight, one is Hazrat Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei and Second  Hazrat Ayatollah Ali Sistani. Islamic Foqaha have been bestowed upon us by the Family of Holy prophet (PBUH) and they have certain qualities, that is, they immense self control, protect the religion, against all the humanistic lusts, bound to orders of Allah Almighty, thus people are obliged to follow them.

Allah has specially blessed the followers of Holy prophet’s (PBUH) family and bequeathed them with great scholars, who are rich in knowledge like Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khoi. Even at present there are hundreds of thousands scholars but Hazrat Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei and Hazrat Ayatollah Syed Ali Sistanti stand tall among them.

I have been with Hazrat Ayatollah Syed Ali Sistanti for about an hour recently, and I have a comprehensive idea of such a great and meaningful personality. I have also met his son and son- in-laws.

Allah has granted authority to Shiite scholars and they are spreading the light of Islam through such great scholars.

Hazrat Ayatollah Syed Ali Sistanti is a convincing religious scholar, who was also pupil of Hazrat Ayatollah Khoi, who gave the guarantee of Ijtehad for Hazrat Ayatollah Syed Ali Sistanti. If we talk about his political insight, it was just because of his astuteness that foreign destructive powers faced a humiliation in Iraq. They wanted to divide Iraq into three parts and take over its natural resources but they failed because of his far reaching insight.

Neither he used the word Shiite nor Sunni rather Muslim. He issued a historic edict that there is no difference between Shiite and Sunnis and insolence of their holy places is forbidden, this reflects the great wisdom he has because these powers of destructions wanted a conflict between Sunnis and Shiites, his historic edict foiled this heinous conspiracy against Muslims.

Today, we see that Sunni and Shiites fighting against Daesh alongside each other and those forces who wanted to shred apart Iraq are trying to run from Iraq. The credit of this current situation indeed goes to for Hazrat Ayatollah Syed Ali Sistanti.

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