Ayatollah Hamadani : Saudi regime blind obedience to US and Israel


SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Ayatollah Sheikh Nuri al-Hamdani attacked Saudi regime, saying its a state takes orders issued by the United States and Israel. The news agency quoted “Tasneem” , Sheikh Hamdani, one of the Marjaa in the Iranian city of Qom, criticizing the “blind obedience to the leaders of Saudi Arabia to the orders issued by the United States of America leaders and entity of the Zionist occupation,” and He accused Saudi rulers to “work to achieve the purposes of the Americans and the “Zionists”, “.
Sheikh Al-Hamdani said that the aim of the existence of “Takfiri groups”, and organization “Daash” is “to provide a safe atmosphere for Israel” as well as ” creates conflict between Muslims and busy them in internal conflict under the banner of Islam.”



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