Ayatollah Khamenei slams UK role in west Asia – Shafaqna Interview with Press TV

SHAFAQNA – The Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution has strongly criticized Britain’s role in the region, saying London has always been a threat to West Asia throughout history. Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei made the remarks in response to the British prime minister’s recent anti-Iran comments in Bahrain.
Ayatollah Khamenei was speaking in a meeting with a group of Iranian officials as well as participants of the Islamic unity conference in Tehran. The Leader stressed the need for Muslims to maintain their unity in the face of their enemies. Ayatollah Khamenei believes if Muslims remain united, neither the U-S nor the wicked Zionist network will be able to hold them in their clutches. He also said there are two fronts facing off in the region; one seeks to unite and the other struggles to divide Muslims. The Leader says if unity prevails, the current situation will change and Muslims will achieve dignity.

Catherine Shakdam
Programs Director, Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies

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