Ayatollah Makarem calls Islamic nations to probe Myanmar Muslims plight


SHAFAQNA – Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, top Shia jurisprudent, started his weekly teaching session in the Grand Mosque of Qom referring to the oppression of Rohingya Muslims by Myanmar government and urged for all-out support of the Muslim nations for the impoverished nation.

He expressed regret over the daily instances of crimes committed against Myanmar Muslims and said the brutality of behaviors towards the minority has stirred the reaction of Taliban militants while the world is not making the least reaction against the issue.

The cleric called the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to hold emergency meeting to discuss the issue demanding why the United Nations should take silent against the crime while it does not stand the least move in contrast with Zionists’ interests.

“Here I suggest that the Foreign Ministers of 60 Islamic countries hold a meeting to discuss the plight of Myanmar Muslims” said the scholar and added,” once Buddhists find about a coalition of 60 countries to support the Muslim minority in their country they will put an end to the crimes against the Muslim community.

Ayatollah Makarem noted that the majority of Myanmar Muslims are Sunni and stressed,” We do not see any difference between Shia and Sunni Muslims and we indiscriminately support both denominations.”

The Rohingya have been subject to communal violence by extremist Buddhists for years.

The latest wave of violence in Rakhine State started on August 25, when an armed group, which is said to be defending the rights of Rohingya Muslims, attacked dozens of police posts and an army base.

The ensuing clashes and a military offensive have killed at least 400 people and forced tens of thousands of villagers to flee towards neighboring Bangladesh.

The United Nations believes the government of Myanmar might have committed ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity in its crackdown.

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