Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi on Western Culture

SHAFAQNA - A religious cleric of Qom, while pointing towards Iranian Islamic culture, said that this is a valuable culture and it has much difference with western culture. 

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, while meeting with the radio and TV workers of Isfahan, has pointed towards the role of media and said that role of Iranian radio and TV is very important in other media, therefore it should be utilized for religious preaching. 

He added that we must try to fully utilize media so that we can resolve the political, social, cultural, economic and ethical problems of our society. 

He, while declaring media as a great technology, said that every technology could be used in both right and wrong way but it is noteworthy that we must utilize it in a right way. 

He, while pointing towards the activities of walayat channel, said that foundation of this channel is a significant achievement of media and it is playing important role in introducing the activities of terrorist groups like ISIS and Wahhabism. 

He, while pointing towards the attention of western culture towards media, said that we should not allow western culture to dominate our media. 

He added that western culture believes that programs which are liked by people should be broadcasted but media of Islamic Republic of Iran believes that red lines and laws should be obeyed.

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