Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem no for participation in election

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive)  – Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem renew his view against the upcoming parliamentary elections, he said in a Friday prayer sermon October 24, that it is the right of the government (Al-Khalifa) and loyalty express their position with not to be attack on them, but he also stressed the right of the opposition to express an opinion “publicly frankly, “and not to be oppress because of their views.

Sheikh Qasim quipped about the meaning of democracy, which “does not give the right to express an opinion, but to the government only, and those who expressed his opinion against government; the response was cursing him and prison!” He added, “If this was the first democracy what is the next; what are the consequences?”

Sheikh Qassem said that there are two evaluations for the elections, one to see “real quantitative” from parliament result from the elections, and to see its ability of achievement and progress, or paid to the current situation to”tightening” the unjust status quo.

other assessment, “looking to media success, regardless of the outcome (the election),” regardless of the “People’s response and whether or not”. Sheikh Issa Qassem said ” the extent of popular participation, and the proportion of participants to the boycotters, and the level of the candidates and their quality, which is much more important than the numbers,” He said that “the large number of number of candidates, and the non-participation of elites” is a negative, not positive.




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