Ayatollah Sistani about Modern Science and Technology

SHAFAQNA- Modern science and technology have developed a way of blood test [DNA] to determine [for example] if the child is legitimate. A husband suspected his wife of having an affair with another man and bore him a child. The result of the test showed that the child was the other man’s. It is worth nothing that this test cannot go wrong. Can the result of blood be relied on, or the principle of al waladu lilfirash (the born child belongs to the bed where it was conceived) should be paramount?

Al waladu Lilfirash is a principle devised for the husband who suspects the loyalty of his wife. However, whomsoever shall attain certainty through other means, be it through blood test or any other means, should feel free to act upon it. Of course, such a proof is not a means to determining adultery, and the Islamic penal code shall not apply, except with one of the means stipulated in the Shari’a. Allah is All Knowing.

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